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Singapore’s food scene is vibrant and ever-evolving to meet the changing lifestyle and dietary demands of the consumer. Aside from satisfying our palates with exciting new flavours, F&B providers also seek to please us with new, innovative formats and experiences.

With this comes the next generation of food formats – ready meals.

In some countries, they are known as TV Dinners or Convenience Foods, often carrying a reputation of being high in fat and sodium, and lacking nutrition. However, over the years, international and local companies, large and small, have invested in creating their own brand of ready meals, featuring high quality, tasty food, thereby challenging several myths about ready meals.


Whether it’s for a late-night snack or a quick lunch on days with back-to-back meetings, these ready meals will be #JustNice for you.

We want to celebrate the best ready meals this island has to offer, and along the way, discover the different occasions these meals can be suitable for.

More importantly, we aim to dispel some common misconceptions:

Ready meals are unhealthy.

There are new innovations that can extend shelf-life with no added preservatives. For example, blast freezing rapidly chills food down to -18 deg C within an hour, and stops bacteria from multiplying. If you’re watching your diet, look out for the Healthier Choice Symbol – HPB’s stamp of approval on meals that are lower in saturated fat and sodium!

Ready meals are inferior to freshly cooked foods.

With investment in R&D to create carefully designed recipes, many ready meals are now packed with authentic flavours and quality ingredients. New technology has also played a role in the production of fuss-free, user-friendly packaging, designed with convenience in mind.

Ready meals must be heated in the microwave.

The microwave isn’t the only heating option. You can steam, bake or place the packaging into a water bath to heat up your food! If you’re uncertain about heating food in the provided plastic containers, transfer the food to a microwave- or oven-safe dish before heating. Choose the method that’s Just Nice for you!

Join us on this #JustNice journey as we review and catalogue a whole range of quality ready meals.

The Just Nice campaign is an initiative in collaboration with SPRING Singapore and partners in the food industry.

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Having savoured the delights of more ready meals than you can count from Sembawang to Sentosa, Ms. Cherlynne (that’s pronounced Miss-Sher-Lin) is Singapore’s first and only ready meal reviewer. 

When appraising ready meals, Ms. Cherlynne follows her own strict criteria. First and foremost is flavour – the taste, texture and intensity that these meals bring to the table. Beyond that, presentation and convenience are equally important deciding factors.

For ready meals that are perfect for the right time and place, they deserve a One Ms. Cherlynne Star (and a consistent rating of at least 4/5 across flavour, presentation and convenience).

But Ms. Cherlynne also believes some transcend what is Just Nice, earning their place among the great convenience foods of our time. She awards such delights with her coveted Two Ms. Cherlynne Stars – the absolute pinnacle of ready meal prestige.