My Bundle of Joy: Lotus Leaf Rice with Chicken by Taste Asia


Hi my lovelies!

If you’re half as fabulous as I am, you’d empathise with how impossible my schedule gets. So when it’s time for lunch break, I take the path of least resistance and choose something easy, yet wholesome and satisfying. The biggest bonus of having a ready meal for lunch? From packet to plate in less than five minutes!  

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Today’s tasty treat is Lotus Leaf Rice with Chicken from Taste Asia by Select Group.

First time I’m trying this ready meal and I must say, I was impressed by the packaging. I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but I mean, just look at that modern text and the great food styling on the box – it made me hungry looking at it!

I’m not super big on traditional, non-spicy Chinese food, but since I was planning to hit the gym post-work (cos I’m all about that #fitspo life), I decided to do some strategic carbo-loading with this old traditional favourite. I love the way the delicate lotus leaves lend flavour to the rice, giving it a fragrance that floats through the office, making you the envy of everyone else! 

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I have to give a special shoutout to this packaging – the built-in tray is such a smart hack so you don’t burn your fingers when you move it from the microwave to your desk. Talk about food innovation! I also appreciate the aesthetics of the black plastic dish that the rice sits in – didn’t have to plate this separately, and sleek enough for the ’gram! Side note though – if we are talking about convenience, providing a spoon would’ve tied everything up nicely. Is there a feedback form somewhere I can send to Select Group on this? 


The rice bundle was wrapped up nicely but to be honest the struggle was in the unwrapping. The oil from the glutinous rice evidently seeped through the leaf in the microwaving process and let’s just say my freshly manicured nails were not too happy about peeling them apart…

And now the moment of truth. Drumroll please… ITS TIME TO TASTE! (Why does it always sound better when the MasterChef judges say it?) 


How much did I love it? Let me count the ways…

1) The chicken was outstanding. The chicken was nicely cubed, juicy and steeped in the seasoning. Yummy.

2) The rice was evenly coated in soy sauce and five-spice, fluffy and not clumpy at all. I know I know, we’ve been told to cut down on white rice and choose brown rice instead, but I couldn’t resist! (And technically, the rice is brown from the soy sauce? #perspective) This may not be for the health-conscious, carb-counting folks – but I guess it’s ok to indulge occasionally…

3) The mushrooms were well-seasoned and not too chewy. Why can’t my Ma learn to cook like this? Sian.

4) The umami, the umami, and the umami! The Chef crowned this masterpiece with a touch of cuttlefish and a sprinkle of dried shrimp morsels for that additional little crunch and appetising umami boost. Mmm.

The verdict? A satisfying (although carb-heavy…) lunch, made even better by the jealous glares I got from colleagues who could smell the fragrant lotus leaf from their desks. This dish is Just Nice for anyone looking for a classic taste of nostalgia, wrapped up in modern, easy-to-use packaging, served in a jiffy!

(FYI for those who were wondering, nope I didn’t make it to the gym… was still recovering from a carb food coma after this meal. Don’t judge.)

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Flavour: 4/5
Great combination of textures and flavours. The dried shrimps are an absolute delight.

Presentation: 5/5
A modern twist on a traditional Chinese dish – I’m a fan! Authentic lotus leaf, well-packaged and social media-ready. Boom.

Convenience: 4/5
 The built-in tray saves your fingers from getting burnt when you are moving the dish around, no need for plates and washing up in the pantry. PSA: Select’s ready meals can be found at NTUC outlets (and other selected supermarkets) island wide, or delivered to you upon ordering from their Taste Asia e-store!

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Lotus Leaf Rice with Chicken - Taste Asia by Select Group

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