All your favourites and more at the Just Nice Ready-To-Eat Fest


Now I know what people mean when they say spoilt for choice - there was just so much to see and taste at the Just Nice Ready-To-Eat Fest at B4 ION Orchard. Oh, and get this, because it was the first day of the Fest, there was a little competition to check out what are some of the best ready meals out there, and I, Ms. Cherlynne, was invited by the organisers to be on the judging panel. More proof that I’m now recognised as a bona fide, 100% influencer, ai-seh!

IMG_0263 2.jpg

Of course, I took a long Friday lunch break and made my way down to Orchard for the first-ever festival of its kind. The Fest is a real treat for ready meal fans, like me – 12 of my favourite brands of ready meals, altogether, for four glorious days!


So, let me tell you how this actually happened. I was walking around the festival, sampling all the different options – butter chicken biryani, stir-fried basil chicken with green curry fried rice, samsui chicken with red rice, nonya dry mee siam aiyoh so shiok


Every time I tried something, I got to chop my rewards card to win even more prizes! 

Journey Card 1.PNG
Journey Card 2.PNG

And then…I was soon with the judging panel to taste and rate all these wonderful ready meals!


Guess who I got to stand on stage with? The lovely Miss Tam Chiak, in a great LBD, the ever-handsome Chef Eric Teo (we did a little shake dance-off on stage! #fangirl much?), and Mr Ted Tan, Deputy CE of SPRING Singapore, looking all official and dapper. I have never felt more like one of the judges of The Voice, I could totally give Miley a run for her money. 


Thankfully the judging criteria was simple enough:

-       Flavour – the taste, texture, the intensity of the meals

-       Packaging – how appetising the meal looks

We sampled delicious, healthy and convenient options in three categories:

First, we started easy with some not-so-filling Grab & Go meals:

  • Chicken Cheese Meatball POP by BoBo Fishball POP
  • Chopped Salad from Shake Salad
  • Nonya Rice Dumpling from Joo Chiat Kim Choo
  • Curry Puff from Polar Puffs and Cakes

As much as I love my Polar curry puff, I decided that I needed something that was a little more satisfying and the Nonya rice dumpling was on the other end of the scale, a little too heavy. I’ve never been a fan of cheese sauce, which means… the choice is clear.


The winner is Shake Salad! It gets 1 Ms. Cherlynne Star, because it was healthy, super fresh, chockful of atas ingredients like quinoa and feta cheese, and #JustNice with a side of Taylor Swift! (See what I did there?) 


After those light options, I felt like I was given wings to fly like a bird, right over to the next category: Flavours from Abroad. Singapore is a global hub so everything has to be global, even our ready meals, right? We tried:

  • RedMart Lasagne
  • Stir-fried Basil Chicken with Green Curry Fried Rice from Chef-in-Box
  • Prawn and Chicken Red Curry with Red Rice from Gourmet Ready
  • Lotus Leaf Rice with Chicken from Taste Asia

You might remember that I already gave the Lotus Leaf Rice 1 Ms. Cherlynne Star. No need to give again right?  The Prawn and Chicken Red Curry was another crowd pleaser, Mr Ted Tan said that it’s #JustNice for lunch, dinner and even before going out -  wah, that man can really eat leh!

This was a tasty fight to the end, and the winner, and recipient of 1 Ms. Cherlynne Star was… KRAPOW GAI! The stir-fried Basil Chicken with Green Curry Fried Rice. 


And lastly, just as we were starting to get full, we moved to our final category: Taste of Home. I actually was trying to get a larger portion of the food this time, because local food is my favourite, but alas, they only gave me a tasting portion… :(

Anyways, we had:

  • Butter Chicken Biryani from Prata Wala Ready Meal
  • Samsui Chicken with Red Rice from The Soup Spoon
  • Four Seasons Grilled Duck with Egg Noodles from CP Food

Wah, stress! I mean, nothing divides us Singaporeans like the question, “Do you prefer rice or noodles?”  In the end, we all agreed that the Prata Wala really knows his stuff, it’s really legit. I think Miss Tam Chiak was as enamoured with the dish as I was – she really liked how the sauce coats the rice so well! #JustNice for dinner!

Of course, the 1 Ms. Cherlynne Star for the final category went to… The Butter Chicken Biryani from Prata Wala! 


There you have it my lovelies! So many things to taste and try, and you can even win vouchers and other fun prizes. The festival is at B4 ION Station of ION Orchard and runs from 10 to 13 November, 10:30am - 10pm daily. Come okay? It’ll be #JustNice.