Say CHEESE!: BoBo Chicken Cheese Ball Pop


I hate it when I have the midday munchies – I just ate lunch two hours ago! You guys know what I mean, when your mouth is just itchy for a snack, but if you eat anything too heavy, then it’ll spoil dinner. #firstworldproblems.

But guess what? I got you guys covered on how to deal with this (almost) daily struggle. Introducing… BoBo vending machines! You know, those fishballs that are so awesome they deserve their own online video series? Except, you’re not having them with noodles but with a side of cheese dipping sauce. Yum!

VM 1.jpg

You don’t see the goods inside this vending machine. Instead, a touch screen monitor walks you through the steps to make your purchase with clear instructions. There are five choices, and they’re not all just balls – plus points for variety! There’s the Bobo Fishball Pop, Cheese Sausage Pop, Cheese Tofu Pop, Fried Beancurd Roll Pop, and Chicken Cheese Ball Pop. Yes, there’s a lot of cheese going on.

I love cheese, so I ordered the Bobo Chicken Cheese Ball Pop. It was the most expensive option, and yet it was only $3.80. The machine accepts cash, NETS, Visa Pay Wave and even EZLink cards. #smartnation

VM Screen.jpg

I wanted to eat it right away, so I chose “hot” instead of “frozen”, which is also a take-home option, but I chose to let it go.

It took 90 seconds to heat up my cheese balls and it popped out piping hot. Just like me, it may have been too hot to handle, ’cos I accidentally touched the bottom of the pack, and almost lost my cheese balls to the floor. You’ve been warned.

When I finally peeled the cover off, I was greeted with four chicken cheese balls, a little pool of cheese sauce, and a cute fork. I dug right into the cheesy, gooey goodness.

2 .jpg

The packaging warns to be careful when biting into the food, because inside the chicken cheese ball is hot, molten cheese. I mean, I was careful, but maybe not careful enough… The cheese oozed out so quickly and almost burnt my lower lip! Thankfully, I’m a ninja, so no stains on my clothes. Phew!

So how did it taste?

The cheese inside was creamy, smooth and perfectly melty. It didn’t taste like real cheese though. It’s much closer to the cheese sauce that’s poured over movie theatre nachos. I’m still a fan. It’s tasty, and fun to dip.

The chicken stayed tender and still had a bit of bite. It has a lovely springy texture and packs a deliciously well-seasoned flavour.

These BoBo Chicken Cheese Balls POP comes in a cute packaging, and is Just Nice for satisfying an itch between proper meals. But you just must be really careful not to kena burn.


Flavour: 3/5
It’s all good, except the cheese is nacho average cheese (#pungamestrong), and is not really cheese-like – to each his own!

Presentation: 3.5/5
It’s all about the packaging for me. Look at that cute, cartoon-like drawing. It looks like a fishball popsicle, except that when I opened it up, the fishballs weren’t on a stick. Sad.

Convenience: 3/5
I love that this comes out of a vending machine, and it’s easy to use. But there are only two Bobo vending machines in Singapore now, one at SMU Law School and another at NTU. Why so exclusive to students?? BoBo, hurry up and launch more vending machines, please?



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Chicken Cheese Ball Pop - Halifa BoBo

Available from BoBo vending machines at the following locations:
- NTU Crescent Hall (150 Nanyang Crescent, S637122, Blk 17A & 17B
- SMU School of Law (55 Armenian Street, #03-02 S179943; opposite Kwa Geok Choo Law Library)



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