I’m Sh00k: Mesclun Salad by Shake Salad


It’s 2pm on a busy hump day – you must know how that feels like. You’re literally starving, yet can’t afford a food coma because you have a meeting later in the day (cries). Times like this, a salad for lunch would be… Just Nice. Light, refreshing, easy on the carbs and fat. Also, if it’s something you can just grab-and-go from a refrigerated vending machine, plus points for not having to deal with people! Or pronounce names of the greens and their condiments!

That’s why Shake Salad was my life saver today.

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Image credit: www.shakesalad.com 

My Mesclun Salad came wrapped with an informative label that tells me what are the ingredients in my greens that will help to power me for the busy afternoon ahead. A blister pack of salad dressing was wedged between. The label also said that the salads are packed and restocked daily, which tbh is fresher than a lot of the food in my fridge at home – keepin’ it real here guys.

I ripped off the label and opened the lid (with a bit of effort), to find that the box was actually pretty sturdy, and reusable, so it won’t end up directly down the rubbish chute. Yes, I’m into reducing my carbon footprint okay. #staywoke #climatechangeisreal #reducereuserecycle

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Inside the box I found a tangle of mixed greens, honey cherry tomatoes, slices of Japanese cucumber and slivers of red onion, all topped with some cubes of roasted potato, just like what the label said. There was also a tear-top pack with individual compartments for walnuts, dried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese. For those who love heathy eating, I’m sure this sounds like music to your ears. And if you’re wondering – hey, where my protein fix at? No chicken breast or tuna shreds or smoked salmon?

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Truth is, I’d been binging on steak over the weekend, so I’ve decided to lay off meat for a while. Okay fine, today only. But you’d be happy to know that their vending machines also come fully stocked with individually sealed packs of protein goodness that you can buy separately.

If we talk about convenience, Shake Salad just keeps on winning – there was a cute foldable fork resting on top of the salad! These guys have thought of everything. Except maybe a napkin, but I still have that coveted packet of tissue I didn’t use to chope a table at the hawker centre today.

The directions say to mix, shake and enjoy. Easy peasy. I ripped open the packages and poured the goodies over the greens.

Shake Salad-5.jpg
Shake Salad-6.jpg

Then I covered the box tight and shook it. I closed my eyes and imagined it as a packet of shaker fries albeit with less salt and a different kind of crunch.

Spring Shake Salad - Mesclun.gif

The salad gets evenly coated with the dressings and ingredients. 60 seconds prep time – not bad at all!

But, how good was it?

The greens were fresh and perfectly spun. There is nothing sadder than a soggy salad (okay, maybe a soggy shaker fry), but the greens in here were free of water clinging to them.

The mix of textures kept every bite interesting. Crisp greens, crunchy cucumber, chewy dried cranberries, pillow-y roasted potatoes all came together in different combinations in each bite. No, salad doesn’t have to be boring. Unless you eat it every day.


Party in the mouth! But without music! (Okay I am a little overdramatic sometimes, don’t mind me). But to be fair, it really was Just Nice for a quick non-food coma lunch. Also, super love the packaging. Even though it was quite big, being reusable is really an A+ concept!

Shake Salad-4.jpg


Flavour: 4/5
It was fresh, simple and tasted relatively unadulterated. That dressing is delicious if a little undefined.
Tip: Don’t pour on ALL the dressing, it can be a little overpowering.

Presentation: 3.5/5
Thoughtful, functional, convenient, major LOVE!
Plus, who doesn’t love a freebie in the form of a reusable lunchbox or to keep snacks?

Convenience: 4/5
No need to talk to people plus can prepare lunch in 60 seconds? PERFECT!
No delivery though. You’d have to find a vending machine. You can locate them, and learn
about everything else that Shake Salad offers on their website: www.shakesalad.com


PS: Shake Salad’s Chopped Salad is awesome too. It was recently awarded ONE MS. CHERLYNNE STAR at the Just Nice Ready-to-Eat Fest, where I was invited to be part of the esteemed taste test judging panel. Score! You can read all about my experience here.

All ratings are advised by Ms. Cherlynne - click here to learn more about my scoring system.

Mesclun Salad - Shake Salad

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