So Fresh, So Easy: RedMart Ready Meals


When RedMart opened in Singapore a couple of years ago, I was over the moon… it meant that I could do my grocery shopping in my pyjamas! No need to carry toilet paper, rice and cooking oil up to my flat? Yes! Fresh meat and veggies that arrive at the front door in chilled boxes? Just take my money already lah!

But then life took over and cooking became such a chore… but *drumroll*… enter RedMart to my rescue again, with a range of ready meals that are made fresh daily! Even my mother doesn’t cook daily please.

Pro tip for you guys – just search “ready meals” on the website or mobile app, and a whole bunch of delicious looking options come up. It’s like an online buffet! Who doesn’t like buffets!


So yes, you can get a Caesar Salad with Chicken if you want to keep things healthy and light, but you can really go for it and have Chicken Korma and Naan, or there are also hearty dishes like Lasagne or Beef Stroganoff with Sauté Potatoes. Or if you are the must-eat-rice kind, there’s Samsui Chicken with Brown Rice. Government-approved, cos even parliament says we should eat brown rice.

What’s really awesome is that all these RedMart Ready Meals are made fresh daily. It’s chilled, not frozen, and doesn’t come loaded with artificial colourings, or flavourings, or even MSG. And it’s guaranteed to arrive at least three to five days before its expiration date.


So I recently ordered the RedMart Lasagne. Look at it, in all its cheesy glory! To verify the freshness claim, I checked the label. The list of ingredients had no artificial additives – and I know that ’cos I could pronounce everything, and beef is listed as the first ingredient, which means lot of meat! So far, we’re #winning.


The directions say to put the tray through a double cycle of microwave heating and standing, and the result is very boomz! (Remember her?) It was already browned when it arrived, of course, but the edges ended up slightly crispy, as if it just came out of the oven. What’s better than cheese? Chao tah cheese!!!

So, what do I love about this tray of joy?

It’s a generous serving of fresh food loaded with meat and cheese and pasta. That’s a good mix of protein and carbs, and is #JustNice for a modern woman with a hearty appetite, like me! It was almost too much to eat, but I persevered, because I am strong and determined. And very full.

The sauces taste fresh and distinct. The tomato sauce is tangy and even a little bit sharp, which is a perfect foil for the rich and creamy béchamel. They come together to make magic, but I could still taste each distinctly. Double the yums!

Crisp edges! Just like a real, baked lasagne! Because it is a real baked lasagne, just in a heatproof plastic tray, and delivered to your doorstep, by a man with a refrigerated truck. It also says on the packaging that you can heat this in a conventional oven.

5 - 2.jpg

Flavour: 3.5/5
It all tastes pretty good, but the pasta could be just a little bit firmer.
It was slightly overcooked. But if you like soft, mushy lasagne, this is perfect.

Presentation: 3/5
It’s basic, minimal, and utilitarian. You will need a plate to handle the tray in the microwave because it gets
very hot – but not a big issue. This unfortunately doesn’t come with utensils, so you’ll need to BYO.

Convenience: 3.5/5
It arrives at your door! But… you need to choose a delivery time in advance,
because it’s near impossible to get a same-day delivery. No quick fixes here.  

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RedMart Lasagne

Available online at or the RedMart app,
just search “RedMart ready meals” and it will come right up.



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