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Hello lovely readers, and welcome to my first blog post! I’m Ms. Cherlynne (pronounced Miss-Sher-Lin), your friendly ready meal expert.

After months of tucking into ready meals all across the country, because, well, it just works for my lifestyle, I thought of putting down all my tasting notes in one place, and so that explains this blog!

So, what are ready meals? “The food you put in the microwave, is it?” Well, in a way. They’re ready-made meals that can be prepared with little effort. They can be sold anywhere – now it’s most commonly found at vending machines, convenience stores and supermarkets. These vending machines come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of capabilities too – from hot machines with in-built warmers or convection ovens that heat up your food before they pop out, to cold machines with glassfront chillers or smart fridges, even a wall of food “lockers” at VendCafe that open with the scan of a QR code. So cool right?

For all other packaged ready meals though, I still rely on my trusty microwave. (Though you can also put them in a steamer, a water bath, or an oven too!) Basically, ready meals are almost ready for consumption; they just need to be heated up with the best method for the dish.

Ok but before you scoff at the idea of pre-prepared meals, let me tell you:

Ready meals. Are. Awesome.

“Huh since when.” you ask? Since whenever I need a quick, affordable and easy-to-find meal, any time of the day! And usually that’s every day, because my Ma… well… let’s just say she’s not the best cook. (I won’t go into the details.) But if I get home late and I am starving, and the kopitiam downstairs is already closed, I can just head to a VendCafe or raid the fridge for a ready meal and BOOM! I have a delish, comforting and warm meal in minutes. It really is the best life hack for a busy influencer like me.

When I bought my first ready meal, I was as sceptical as you probably are now. It was a plastic bowl of wonton soup from the petrol station. I was so hungry and everything just looked yummy. I took it home and popped it into the microwave in a daze. When it was ready, I brought my “sad” supper to my laptop to watch my favourite Korean drama. And then I started to cry. Not because the Oppa died, but because my wonton soup was so amazing. Really, really – I’m not bluffing.

The soup had depth to it (how do they do that?!) and the wontons were firm to bite, as if the bowl was fresh from a Hong Kong cha chaan teng – and not sitting barely-frozen on a store shelf for weeks. Since that day, my life was changed, and I vowed to give ready meals the attention they deserve!

So here we are today. I continue to explore the country for the best ready meals, and will be reviewing all of them for you right here on Just Nice!

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Why Just Nice? Because, let’s be honest, ready meals are not “atas” and they’re not “gourmet”. They’re just nice – for when you’re looking for a tasty hot meal at midnight, when you just need a quick fix, when the craving hits and the char kway teow uncle is closed on Mondays. #truestory #Mondaysaretheworst

I’ll be rating all the ready meals right here – based on flavour, presentation and convenience, and the truly amazing ones will receive my very own Ms Cherlynne Star!


So bookmark this blog and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more ready meal goodness from me, Ms Cherlynne!



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